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River Chase Emergency Services


Due to the significant vegetation throughout our area, combined with drought and wind conditions, the Emergency Services committee has worked with the Texas Forest Service in making River Chase a 'Firewise Community', thereby creating a safer environment for all of us. (see &nbs.p;In case of emergency, you should know two exits from your location, and become familiar with all subdivision exits: 

NBRC Units 1 through 3:

  • River Chase Drive to Hwy 306
  • Ash Juniper through River Oaks Development

NBRC Units 4 through 10:

  • River Chase Way to Hwy 306
  • Western Oaks to Hwy 306
  • Knights Way to Purgatory Road
  • Glen Wood Drive through Gruene Haven to Hwy 306
  • Cambridge east, through the gated community of Havenwood. This access is normally closed to through traffic, but could be made available by the Fire Department for evacuation purposes only.

Wild Land Fire Evacuation Kit

NBRC Neighborhood Watch

Effective in early in 2014, River Chase became an official Neighborhood Watch community, working in conjunction with the Crime Prevention officers at the Comal County Sheriffs Department.

  • Report any observed vandalism or suspicious activities to the ComalCounty Sheriff's Department at 830-620-3400, and use your cell phone camera to record activity.
  • If life threatening, DIAL 9-1-1.

Surviving a Disaster

Have you been awakened during the night by thunder? And, while lying there wondering how near it is or how dangerous it is; or should I get up to unplug my computer, you realize that the next lightning strike was really close...... Click HERE for the rest of the story. 


NBRC Emergency Services Committee

Chairman: Robert Farley

  • Neighborhood Watch

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