NBRC Board Of Directors Meeting

Monday, March 30, 2015 @ 6:pm

River Chase Club House

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2015 River Chase Kids Easter Egg Hunt 

Its almost that time of year hop on over or even run,

We're having an Easter party that will surely be lots of fun!

We'll hide some eggs and hunt for them too,

Now all the party needs is YOU!

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NBRC Board of Directors communication to property owners regarding our property management company, AMS

Dear Neighbors,

Over the past few months the Board of Directors have been working in every possible area to save expenses. We have had many successes and many of these savings have been thanks to volunteers doing jobs that have previously been done by our management company, AMS. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to volunteer their time to make our neighborhood great.  In an effort to be more neighborly, and to cut costs, ...

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Click HERE to view AMS's Termination of Services letter.

Proposed NBRC DCCR (Changes)-DRAFT

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Upcoming Events

The River Chase Board of Directors work for YOU!

Each BOD Member liaisons with each Committee in River Chase to ensure we are all working together.

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New to our neighborhood?

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Nominating Committee

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NBRC 2013 Audit

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NB River Chase POA Seventh Amendment & Draft Policies

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Dinosaur Tracks?

The Heritage Museum has given us a copy of the survey done of the dinosaur tracks at our River Park!  It is hanging in our Club House.  Take a look next time you are there!


Wildland Fire Prevention and Evacuation Kit

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Homeschooling Group in River Chase

The Association of River Chase Homeschoolers (ARCH) is an informal group of neighbors sharing experiences. Click here to visit this group on the River Chase Facebook page...