River Chase News Stream November 2014

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It’s that time of year again.  The time when you get to help us remain a FIREWISE Community.  You might wonder, “What is a FIREWISE Community?”  It is one where residents work collectively or individually to reduce their wildfire risk.  In 2008, after working with Jan Fulkerson, Texas Forest Service, River Chase was designated a FIREWISE Community.....

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For assistance regarding the community, including access key cards or anything else in general, please contact AMS, our property management company:

Association Management Services

1600 NE Loop 410, Suite 202

San Antonio, TX 78209


866-232-4386 (toll free)

Kem Morales, Association Manager (, is our primary contact person.

Wildland Fire Prevention and Evacuation Kit

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Homeschooling Group in River Chase

The Association of River Chase Homeschoolers (ARCH) is an informal group of neighbors sharing experiences, resources, and fellowship.

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Neighborhood Watch News

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